Friday, July 30, 2010

dragonfly eye

As I was getting out of my car just off Main Street
the fastest dragonfly darted this way and that way--
hovering over the sparkles of the blue green paint
and the daylight sky blue of the windshield's reflection
that looks as inviting
to a dragonfly eye as a pond cool and wet
deep and restful
and I thought, as this winged thing of tremendous
and ancient beauty flew off in search of true water,
how my eyes see differently than compound eyes
but how often I myself mistake something else
for the thing I really want
without ever realizing it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Poem

I was getting really inspired
about the poem I thought I would write
it was going to be about angry frogs,
but then I thought, when do you ever see
an angry frog? maybe that one in
The Wind in the Willows, but I think
he was just drunk, or reckless, and
fumed when his plans were stymied,
or that perhaps Frog was often angry
with Toad--or maybe it's the other way round

And then I thought, shouldn't frogs get
really, really, steaming mad? Throw a fit
big enough to stop freeway traffic, loud enough
to disrupt corporate meetings, or US Senate
deliberations, maybe send out threats by text message?
But I figured, in reality, they never really would.