Monday, March 22, 2010

Lee Falls & Oconee Bells

Off scenic Highway 11 in upstate South Carolina is a little hike to a wonderful waterfall... There are some green, grassy fields perfect for napping in the sunshine (which we did on the walk back!) A tremendous first day of spring~

Hanging on to a tree trunk, resurrection fern is poised to come back to life...

Shameless treehugger!

Ed, checking out lichens under the falls...

Rare Oconee Bells (at Devil's Fork State Park) which Jack & I sketched--I loved the light, sparkling on the water.

Monday, March 15, 2010

All things are made new...

"Spring is Christ raising martyred plants from their shrouds."

some of spring's first growth, down in South Carolina, off the Eastatoe River...(Jack's photo of a Hepatica flower:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I will be the lady with the sea monster

for maggie~

If only my feathered skirts skimmed the surf
as elegantly as yours do, brown on brown velvety tooth
capturing the late afternoon light like pink mist
set on fire by a hundred tropical suns

So whether horned beasts loom on our horizons
we will not betray fear, effortlessly holding a Victorian portrait
sitter's gaze, while soft sand sifts between our toes
and the wind plays around our bare shoulders

You are the beauty, the melody and the tune of the song
that unchains my heart, the sweet vision of serene days
smiling into the tender, boundless love we share

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going back, knowing what I know now

to times I was starry eyed, and full of useless hopes

I take a deep breath, and am made new
tingling with limitless possibility

Broken Hearted

I saw my doctor recently for an annual visit
I didn't tell her about how sometimes
my heart feels like it's ripping in two
whenever I think broken-hearted thoughts

Maybe I didn't tell her because
I know of a remedy for the heart--
Letting go of all I thought I knew,
I let love spill silently
over my heart's front steps