Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventures on Roan Mountain I

At 6000', the clouds (and the stars) are so close it's like you can reach out and touch them. A weekend camping with new and old friends was full of good food (thanks Ed!), laughs, music, and turns carrying the guitar.

The series of grassy balds on Tennessee's Roan Mountain lets you have views in all directions, and the weather comes in from all directions too. Here's Holly after retrieving her hat, that high winds blew into the tree. She once lived at the Marin Headlands--and we agreed this place looks a lot like it does there.

Adventures on Roan Mountain II

We had what has been rated the best campsite in the Southeast (am I wrong?) all to ourselves. It was a 'last weekend in WNC' trip for 3 Americorps volunteers, from Raleigh and from CA, who joined 4 of us from Asheville/Hendersonville.

We had to try some inversions, after Jack threw himself around like a rag doll--it looked really fun, if sort of painful. The grass was soft enough to cushion... Reminded me of iceplant diving in So Cal.

The goats are part of a program to maintain the balds--they chomp at plants like blackberry and timothy.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Where have I been? I haven't a clue, as the boys' dad says. Cian is studying something quite intently in this pic--it's probably a blorb to add to his and Luke's wildly popular new blog:

see you there!

Monday, July 20, 2009

poetry from the post

Yesterday I met a mail carrier who writes poems based on unusual names and towns he sees on handwritten letters he delivers. The handwritten letters are, he says--unsurprisingly--a rarity.

Now, I am waiting for the words of my next poem to be delivered. Finding the space to open the envelope, arrange the words to construct something cohesive, and finally, finding the time to write it all out, can be a challenge...

Is this rusted beast a boar, a unicorn, or a bull?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cataract bogs and copperheads

At the start of a dreamy hike last weekend I nearly stepped on this copperhead--that slithered a bit (away from my sandaled feet!) and froze at the edge of the trail--so I got this shot. You can see how well camouflaged it is on the dead leaves. I don't believe in vilifying snakes for being poisonous--they are simply creatures trying to make their way in the world... I have a healthy respect for them, which--depending--might just translate to fear.

The object of the hike was this rare 'cataract bog', in the foothills of South Carolina. Water cascades over huge outcrops of granite, or usually, gneiss--rounded plutons gajillions of years old. All sorts of rare plants (and plants with names like Sparkleberry and Panic Grass) live there, and some water nymphs, too (but they are shy and won't come out for noisy camera-wielding people.)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


what if we were to ditch the whole kit

and kaboodle and simply

attach the wires in such a way

that their crazy filaments

sent sparks dancing into the firmament

we could whirl to the sputtering syncopation

and find for ourselves a fiery rhythm

it would be nothing to gyrate,

fickle as clouds, breathless and flushed

spinning mad like mindless dervishes

all elbows, hips, and feet

crowding the air with our movement

and, in walking the long way back to the house

we’d pronounce ourselves ship-shape

more than we ever thought we’d be

on this particular, lazy afternoon

Facts about Flowers #1

There was some research

about flowers growing near roadways

having little or no scent

maybe it has to do

with the persistent cling of noise

the stifling outpouring of nerve-shock

drowning in deep spiraling descent

until it cups the center of the dark-eyed star

responsible for releasing the receptor

that is usually

so perfectly tuned to the lean vibration of silence

Friday, July 3, 2009

beth's blog

I haven't told anyone, except for my twin sister, about this blog until now. I started by adding pictures, but then got so busy I couldn't add text right away. Eventually, in figuring out how to work this, I discovered edits are allowed after making the post--so, it was so easy for me to procrastinate!

You'll see here things I've made, like these noren/prayer-flag-like batik thingys, or more collages as they are assembled from the tandem efforts of my subconscious and my large scrapped magazine collection, or bits from adventures, and outings with the boys...