Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Journey to Pittsburgh

How wonderful to be around hundreds of cooperators! Wow! In Pittsburgh PA no less. I'd never been to Steel City. As a Board member of the Hendersonville Community Coop, I was privileged to be at the Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) Conference this year. Was too busy to take too many photos--this is the view from my hotel room--what a cool old train station (now it's apartments, with Amtrak on the lower levels.) Link soon to story in the coop newsletter, if you're interested in details of the cooperative business movement.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The eastern edge of North Carolina

After almost 10 years in North Carolina, we finally made a trip to the coast... We caught a bit of the aftereffects of the wild weather that's part of being on the edge--the Outer Banks can be rough--and the ocean was definitely too rough to swim in the day we arrived. The boys threw a stick of driftwood, over and over, into the water and had fun trying to catch it as "Woody" was tossed back to them by the sand-filled waves.
There was an upside down tree near where we parked our car (no, we didn't drive on the beach)--it looked like a giant tumbleweed or tentacled jellyfish.
On the beach, Luke had fun finding Mermaid's Purses--the egg sacs that baby sharks hatch from... the little black parcels kind of look like creatures themselves.
We hiked up the lighthouse, all over Kitty Hawk (the boys have studied the Wright Bros, and we saw the exhibit at the Air & Space museum last fall in DC.) I liked the 30's style bas relief on the doors to the memorial--all having to do with some sort of attempted flight.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

little boys

Sometimes inspiration comes from the art my sons make--in all their non-judgmental, spontaneous creation of pirate and dragon-infested landscapes, plaster squirrels, and mysteriously fez-clad mountaineers.
Lately I've had to begin to stem the new self-doubt they are voicing (where does it come from?) by reinforcing that they are their own masters of what they draw, and nobody's opinion about it matters. Even that little, nit-picking voice that seems to haunt the heads of most people I know, including myself, should be ignored at all costs.
A few block prints have been made from their drawings (they are probably old enough now--at 7 and 10-- to cut the block themselves) and a few collaborative projects have taken place, namely with our artist friend Erin Hunt, who lived with us here for a couple of years.